Small Town Parade

Small towns have parades for various occasions. Nacogdoches, Texas has an annual Christmas parade and fireworks show. Being a small town parade, it is really more interesting than the polished parades most of us see on television. These are more intimate. The participants and the by-standers actually KNOW each other.

It is a place were you can take your family and settle-in for about an hour of amusement as…

Honor Guards
Cloggers in Mrs. Santa suits
The Grinch on a Fire Truck
The Grand Marshall wearing a Cowboy Hat
Shriners in Little Red Cars
An Old John Deere Tractor driven by Fat Elvis
Antique Cars and Trucks
Disney Characters
Draft Horses and Buggies
Four-Wheel Drive/Steering Vehicles driving sideways

…and much more come one after another walking, skipping, rolling, dancing, etc. over old, red brick streets.


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