Wolf Pen Creek Trail

Sometimes the bike is permitted to come along on the business trip. Sometimes the travel is within Texas and it can stow away in the pickup. It is those times that exploration in other cities happens. This trip, first to Burnet, Texas, and then on to College Station, Texas was one of those times.

Sometimes things just fall into place and, as a part of other plans, you get to visit with an old college friend unexpectedly. You know how the conversation goes.

“Kent”, I said happily, “It’s good to see you again.”

He smiled, “Yes, you too.”

To which I responded with something very unusual like, “It’s been quite a while.” Then I was repaid for my statement of the obvious with a reminder of how old I am.

“Uh…yeah…like 20 years!”

After catching up on each other’s lives for the last 20+ years, I told him of my scheme to do a little bike riding before leaving town. That is when I found out my old friend designed a local hike/bike trail. After he provided a few simple directions, I was on my way.

Here are a few photos of his handiwork that I enjoyed on a crisp November day.

The trip went well. My friend has done very well for himself and, unlike me, doesn’t seem to have aged a bit. He has designed a very nice quiet trail in this bustling college town. He was proud of it and I was grateful for the chance to experience first hand this part of himself.

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