Portland, Oregon

Stepping off the Max and onto the street at Pioneer Square, the scent of freshly brewed coffee perked me up. The Max is the city’s light rail system. It started at the airport and, after after 10 or so miles and several stops, it deposited me downtown. Cost?…$2.05. Try that with a taxi. From there, I had a short uphill, 3-block walk in pleasant 55-degree air to the Heathman Hotel. The combination of a delightful aroma of fresh coffee and the brisk air was just the recipe after a long time cramped in an airplane.

The Heathman Hotel, in Portland, Oregon, is the best hotel I’ve ever experienced. I’ve stayed at more expensive places and places with larger rooms, but the atmosphere and service at the Heathman is a step above anything else I’ve seen. The French Press coffee maker in the room is a nice touch.

So is the evening turn-down service. Note the fancy sheet fold pattern.

Hey, those slippers look comfy.

The hotel is in the midst of the theatre district and near an urban park and college. During a lunch break one day, there was an opportunity for a short walk and to see some nice autumn colors.

The worst part of staying at the Heathman is watching all the cyclists ride by. Portland has been recognized as the most bicycle-friendly city in America. It was tough watching countless bikes spinning up the hill just outside the window.

The photo above was taken looking out the window of the meeting room down to the street, bike lane, and passers-by. Just time for a quick look. Then, it was back to work…

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