Kogswell P/R

The consecutive training streak ended at two. No worries, however, because yesterday’s training time was spent going to Trinity Bicycles to pick-up the new second generation Kogswell P/R.

This was the intended replacement of the failed Schwinn experiment months ago. The Schwinn seemed like a good plan, but the frame just didn’t quite have the right design. So far, this new frame works very well.

Fixed gear (48×18), generator-hub-powered headlight, and Nitto M12 front rack.

There will be a few refinements in the build soon. Fenders and front bag are coming and consideration is being given to shellac on the bar tape. That green is just a little too bright. A nice olive green color would be about right.

Lunch Ride

Two in a row.

It was a lunchtime break in the lingering hot weather. With the high sun and lack of clouds, there was anticipation of cooler fall weather going on.

On some lonely stretch of gravel road in north Denton County…

There was also thanksgiving for the opportunity to be out there to enjoy that lingering hot weather…and the two rides in a row.

It looks like I’ve got a streak going…

Better Late Than Never

This title was going to be used for the previous post, but really, it had a better use in mind. Really, it needed to be used for something more significant. More significant even than a new bike. This title was saved for a public committment to resume training. It is well past the appropriate time to resume some reasonable level of fitness. Today was the first day of a more disciplined program.

The ride started before sunrise and lasted only 45 minutes. But it is a start and included a magnificent sunrise. The pace was slow. However, when it comes to starting a pursuit of fitness, it is not only “better late than never”, it is also “better to go short and slow than to not go out at all”.

I am a cyclist again.

Sneak Preview

The order was placed in April. The frame arrived at Trinity Bicycles in October. It has been a long wait and a long time missing the magic of a fixed gear bike.

The call came in a few days ago to say that it was in the build process. Today provided an opportunity to swing by the shop for a sneak preview.

It’s looking pretty good. The plan for a steel framed, wider tired, front loaded, fixed gear, country bike with lights and fenders for all weather conditions is finally coming together. It should be quite nice for exploring north Texas county roads.