Tractors Are Handy

There were universal recommendations to get a tractor. It seemed that all family and friends were amused at the very prospect of city-boy owning one. “You’ll have a good time with it,” they said. “It will be very useful,” they said. “You’ll be amazed at how many things it will help you do,” they said. Even so, there was some reluctance to spend the money and add more complexity and machinery I can’t maintain myself. There was already too many vehicles around that can’t be keep running at tip-top condition. But the grass was tall, the purchase was made, and the tractor was delivered.

Yesterday, Janet broke a finger.

As a result, she has been needing just a little extra help with things. One of those things is caring for the monsters. One monster, in particular, needs to be walked to burn off the extra energy he normally uses to irritate the rest of us. Yeah, I’ll be glad to take him for a walk, heh, heh, heh.

Today the tractor was handy. They were right. One can just keep finding good things to do with a tractor. Today it was a dog walker.

It allowed us to cover a fair amount of distance, over rough ground, in great ease. From here to way back there.

Well, it was easy for one of us.

Barn Hunt

The suggested objective of the Labor Day ride was to find and photograph old barns. There are a number of interesting looking barns in the Sanger vicinity and the decoration scheme for the new house apparently includes placing an arrangement of barn photos on the wall. So today’s effort was what we call a barn hunt. The photo above was what we call unanticipated beauty.

The first barn found was a old timber barn with a corrugated metal roof that had a nice rust pattern. It was set low and off the road a short distance in some high grass. It looked quite at-home as if it were comfortably nested in place. This might be a pretty good prospect.

The second barn was one previously spotted from the interstate. Today’s ride afforded the opportunity to check it out up close. With its opening clear through, the side window, trees, and fencing, it did not disappoint. This might be another pretty good prospect.

The third prospect was coincidentally located at the turnaround point. At the stop for a water fill-up and a quick snack, I couldn’t help notice this specimen. It is perhaps the most interesting of them all. It has character, numerous features and details the others do not and seems to still be in active use. That seems to add a certain charm as well. I’m not sure if this one is going to make the final cut, but there is no question that it takes the “most unique” prize of the day.

It was a great morning adventure on new roads and routes. The number of lightly traveled roads in this area continues to amaze.