Countless other families have done this throughout our country’s history. But when it happens to your family it is just astonishing. When your child leaves home and goes through basic training in the military, the first time you see them in weeks catches you off guard. It has hard to prepare for the emotions. They march by with a serious, disciplined look. They are sharp, polished, and refined. They do not glance to the side. They do not smile or smirk. They are all about business.

You want to talk with them and be close by, but their task is not yet complete. The ceremony is sobering and a sense of pride permeates the air. Parents are proud of their children and the recruits are proud of what they’ve accomplished together during a tough period of training.

After receiving her award for having the highest average score for Seamanship, Lisa marched right in front of me. It was nothing short of fascinating.

2 thoughts on “Fascinating

  1. Wow, Chris and Janet, I didn’t know Lisa was in the Coast Guard. I know you must be very proud of her. Its hard to believe our kids are growing up so quickly. Tell her I said “congratulations”. Hope you as well as Ellen are all doing well.Love, Jan

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