The 13-mile Loop

The 3-mile loop has already been introduced. It is a pleasant enough route when time is limited. However, given the abundance of good cycling roads around here, it didn’t take long to map out a slightly longer route when a little more time is available. For now, it will be called the 13-mile loop.

The 13-mile loop is an interesting mix of smooth asphalt, rough asphalt, and gravel roads. With little traffic and gently rolling hills, it is quite enjoyable. During the ride this morning, I noticed this building and thought it had a somewhat “historical” look to it. I don’t know what it is, but it looked amusing in the early morning sunshine.

Anyone out there know what this is?



Holy Father, you are faithful and altogether reliable. You fulfill promises upon promises. You provide all that is needed each day. Forgive my discontentment. I am foolish when I do not rest satisfied in your provisions. Help me reject the burden of cares tossed on me by the evil one so that I might help others see your glory.


Holy Father, you are great and good. You are love. You are righteous and holy. I am pitiful, small, selfish, and helpless. I am sinful and needy. In humility, I seek your cleansing. Draw me to you and restore my heart. Let me dwell where you are, my Fortress and my Redeemer.