Reunion Ride

It was a reunion ride.

It happened during a recent business trip down to the Houston area. Due to privacy constraints, the exact location of the ride start/stop can’t be given. When this photo was taken, I think his exact words were, “This better not end up on your blog!” So, in the interest of privacy, I have made certain provisions for protecting his identity.

Suffice it to say that it was a great time on the bike and at a local coffee shop with a friend of mine (who could have been anybody), catching up on our respective families and activities. We were able to do a little riding after dark and put the lights to good use again.

Also, to make sure security is not compromised, certain details about how his jersey became grass stained will not be provided. Let me just say that, in some undivulged way, we learned that dogs do not fit between spokes of a rotating front bicycle wheel and that fixed gear bikes take a bit longer to stop. Oh yeah, and one of us learned this lesson by observing and the other learned through the benefit of real life experience.

Hopefully, less time will pass before our next ride together, my (unidentified) friend.

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