The Old Gilmer Place

What was repeatedly uttered as threat during periods of frustration, has finally occurred. The noise, clutter, trash, traffic, congestion, and distracting consumption of urban living has been shucked for a more rural lifestyle. We bought the Old Gilmer Place.

It’s not really that old. It’s not old at all. The house was built, by a guy named Gilmer, in 2005. But, in keeping with rural ways, it seems appropriate to introduce oneself as the new guy in town and add, “Yeah, we bought the old Gilmer place,”…because that is the way they say it in the country. It is a simple, modest house sitting on about 3 acres in rural Denton County. It is a place that seems to have a lot of potential…which is a positive spin on the fact that I’m already way behind on my chores.

Being born and raised an ignorant city-boy, I’ve got a feeling that future posts here might be amusing to the rest of you. Stay tuned for descriptions of lessons I’ll be learning…and you can count on this…the hard way.

2 thoughts on “The Old Gilmer Place

  1. Hi Chris – What a wonderful house you have found. I am so glad for you both. I had a great time catching up with you by reading through your blog. And I am very impressed by your bike riding. Tell Janet hello, I miss her terribly and think the dogs are too cute. If she needs another one, my little Sammy might enjoy “visiting” – I am not the dog lover in this family! Take care – debbie

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