Muenster Germanfest (part 1)

Well…because the camera and the computer are in two different cities, this is simply a brief update. For now, it will suffice to say there was a bicycle rally as a part of the Germanfest activities in Muenster, Texas on April 28 and there are photos to prove it. A few photos will be posted when the camera is available again.

In the meantime, many thanks go to my good friend from Sulphur Springs who seems to have a healthy love of cycling. It is nice to be able to talk the language with someone who understands from time to time.

After the ride, a feeling of gratefulness was the primary sensation. Yes, the legs were a little tired. Yes, muscles needed a little protein. Yes, the skin caught a few too many rays. And, yes, the endorphines were pumping through the bloodstream. The biggest sensation, however, was being thankful for the opportunity to share the experience of riding a bike on a picture perfect day with a dear friend.

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