Wake Up Call

It is strange, isn’t it, how we often can not see our most hideous flaws? Like an undiagnosed tumor growing deep inside us. We are at once giddy with life, and slowly dying.

Then something finally brings the disturbing wake-up call. We get the doctor’s diagnosis, and the outlook is not good. The point of realization, when we finally see ourselves as we truly are, can come a number of ways. Perhaps, it is the kind but firm words of a loved one. Maybe a period of worship, Bible study, prayer, or meditation. Sometimes it might be circumstances of life that slap us across the face with suddeness and a dizzying jolt. It can happen a thousand ways, but my most recent was while reading a book by Leif Enger called Peace Like A River.

The book was highly recommended on another cyclist’s blog. It is a story about family, unfortunate circumstances, and faith. During my recent business trip to Santa Fe, I found a bookstore and bought it. So far, it is as good as was described in the blog recommendation. Unexpectedly, reading it reminded me of one of my greatess flaws. Compared to me, the characters in the book are much more thoughtful of others and their actions demonstrate the importance they place on relationships.

You might be thinking, yes but you are reading a work of fiction. The characters are not real and they didn’t actually do these things. I understand that. Yet, the actions described are not actions that are any less than what God expects of us. Real or not, an illustration has been provided that is both a conviction of personal sinfulness and an encouragement to do better. If you are open to close self-examination, you might want to take a look at this book.

To my God, family, and friends, I plead for your patience and your forgiveness.

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