Marshall Creek Park

The Saturday morning ride was planned for a visit to Marshall Creek Park, located at the headwaters of Lake Grapevine. It was roughly a two-hour trip. It was 39 degrees and cloudy when I left…and when I returned. Another great day for a bike ride.

Intially, the ride was through urbanized areas, but before long more attractive scenary came along.

Here’s a view of the cockpit. You feel just like you were there, huh?

Just off the side of the road, it was interesting to see the green in the midst of so much winter brown.

Once at the park, it was learned that this is apparently a motorcycle and ATV hangout. There were numerous trails, banked curves, and jumps just off the main road. It was empty at 8 am this morning.

Here is the northern limit of the ride. The channels in the background are filled with Lake Grapevine backwater. There were a few minutes of peace and quiet before turning the wheels toward home.

Although this was not intended as any kind of speed ride. It was surprising that the trip resulted in an overall average of 14 mph. That included using the fixed gear bike, loaded saddlebag, platform pedals, wearing the big (ballon-shaped) jacket, and several stops for photos. It is certainly not worth bragging about, but surprising to me nevertheless.

I’m not surprised at all that I enjoyed being out on the bike.

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