Good News/Bad News

It is common for me to ride the bike to our Wednesday night Bible study. Last night was one of those great opportunities. The weather was glorious. It was pleasantly cool, but not cold. Riding was comfortable in a single long sleeved shirt. Gliding along and enjoying the evening, one wonders why there are not more doing the same thing? How can so many be so uninformed?

Since there was plenty of time…and all was good, I paused in a park and used a well-lit soccer field to provide light for a night photo of my freedom machine.

We had a great class and I enjoyed lingering and visiting with friends for awhile afterwards. It had cooled slightly, so a windbreaker was pulled from the saddlebag. It was another comfortable evening ride…until the light mount broke (bad news). There was a ping, ping, ping noise after the bracket gave way and the lamp, hanging by wire, bounced off the spokes of the front wheel.

The aluminum bracket was home-fabricated and worked well for about 3 months. However, there were too many deflection cycles and the material gave way about 2 miles from camp. It looks like it’s time to buy a light mount or come up with a new design.

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