What WOULD Jesus Do?

…been pondering lately how to be more like Jesus, the christian’s saviour and example for transcendent living. While attempting to identify what changes to make, I look at several things. First, consider God’s instruction book, the Bible. This is very helpful and remains the best single source of information overall. However, it provides principles, and application in individual lives is left to…well…individuals. One can look to other people that seem to be spiritually-minded and watch how they apply Biblical principles in their lives. Many wonderful people have been a great source of encouragement to do things that I might otherwise not realize was possible. Still, after reading the Bible and comparing it with my life and the lives of other christians, there seems to be some disturbing differences. So I was reminded of a phrase popular among professing christians not long ago, “What would Jesus do?”. It was abbreviated, “WWJD”. Indeed, what WOULD Jesus do?

I try to imagine how Jesus would have lived and accomplished His work, if He were to have chosen our age in which to appear as a man. Would He live in the city, the suburbs, or in a rural area? Where would we find Him along the socio-economic scale? How would he dress? How would He spend His time and money? Would Jesus have a computer, cell phone, and a palm pilot? Would He carry a day-planner? Would He have a stake in our current political debates? Would He instruct us on the war in Iraq, illegal immigration, the minimum wage, and national healthcare? What political party would He identify with? What church would he attend? What group would receive the “Woe to you” condemnations the Pharisees of the first century received? What would Jesus’ entertainment be like? Try this…imagine Him watching television and maybe which programming He would select…and report back to me on that.

The most disturbing thing is that the vision of my example for transcendent living doesn’t look like my life at all. Either my understanding of “what Jesus would do” has got serious problems or I’ve got serious changes to make. Anybody out there with me?

4 thoughts on “What WOULD Jesus Do?

  1. Really good observations…but…perhaps your mission is different than His. It could be similar in some respects but still different.There might also be considerations for providing for family,duration of service, and relationship to others around you.Perhaps a general observation of WWJD would be more appropriate to your life than matching Him detail for detail.

  2. Keith,You bring up a good point. My bride said something similar, “Maybe the question is…what would Jesus have YOU do?” True, but as I said at the outset, I’m trying to be MORE LIKE Jesus. I’ve made the fundamental assumption that I should make steps in that direction. I might not need to do exactly like Him in every detail, but I believe I MUST be more LIKE Him.I wonder if there are some who are already following His example sufficiently…

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