My bride, the three Dachshunds, and I took another chilly walk yesterday. We did 2+ miles in a nearby park and today I’m sore. My right hip flexor punishes me every time I move it. I will admit to not being in the best of shape, but until late last night I couldn’t figure out why I was suffering so. It wasn’t until then that I realized that I had walked in footwear I do not normally wear.

The boots I bought for just these types of occassions (cold and wet) are significantly heavier than my typical running shoe or flip-flop. In addition, when walking up the slight hills in the park, I was forced to lift my heavier feet higher than walking on flat ground. Continuous walking in heavier shoes for 40 minutes is all it took. It’s tough gettin’ old. Since my right side is much more sore than the left, I’m starting to wonder if my left leg is shorter than my right. Hmmm….

There must be a lesson in this for more serious physical challenges. It has been said numerous times, by more savvy athletes than me, that if you are planning any kind of special athletic event, be sure to thoroughly test ALL of your equipment first.

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